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Rafael Nadal with difficulties in accepting the suspension of the modality

“I don’t understand why we can’t play tennis if people are going to work,” said the Majorcan tennis player, in a post of social network Instagram, adding that the distances between the people involved in the game are safe enough.

However, Nadal recalls that it is a very critical situation and the government is “overwhelmed” by unprecedented situations, with the last thing it cares about is “who can or cannot train”.

Facing the situation created by the new coronavirus, the 33-year-old Spanish player sent a regret and unity message to those who have suffered from the loss of family members.

“There are many people who cannot say goodbye to their family members. It is something terrible, these are unimaginable moments. I cannot put myself in their shoes. Many people will lose their jobs and it is time to unite “, he wrote.

Then, in a more relaxed conversation with his rival Roger Federer and joined by Andy Murray, the Scotish joked that the Spanish saying that he “could win Roland Garros for 52 times, that he will continue not knowing how to use Instagram”, since he struggled to connect with the Swiss player.

Asked by Nadal about his knee surgery recovery, Federer admitted that he is “getting better and fast,” but not worried because he has “a lot of time to get better”.

The Swiss also said he preferred the Majorcan not being left-handed, as he created him many problems throughout his career.

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