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World is expected to reach 10 million cases of covid-19 next week

According to WHO, pandemic has not yet peaked in many countries

The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom, estimated on Wednesday (24) that the number of cases of the new coronavirus in the world, which currently stands at around 9.3 million, will reach 10 million next week.

At a news conference, Adhanom said he supported Saudi Arabia’s decision to ban foreigners from participating in Haj’s annual pilgrimage to help stop the spread of the virus.

He also said that the WHO is now supporting many countries in facing the difficulties of obtaining oxygen concentrators, devices that help the breathing of covid-19 patients. “Demand is exceeding supply”.

Mike Ryan, head of the WHO Emergency Program, recalled that the pandemic has not yet reached its peak in many countries in the Americas, and that “it is still intense”, especially in Central and South America.

“I would characterize the situation as still evolving, not yet reaching its peak, and probably resulting in a high number of new cases and deaths in the coming weeks,” said Ryan.

Many countries in the region have seen increases of 25% to 50% in cases over the past week, he added.

United Kingdom

Ryan also said the UK’s new coronavirus testing program could help show how the virus spreads in the country. “Testing in the UK has increased, the surveillance system is able to understand where the country is,” he said, adding that many countries, including the UK itself, “have fought hard” and are running a safe way out of isolation. “The UK is taking a gradual approach, it is listening to science,” said Ryan.

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