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The difference between the concert and the stage

The state of the art is, by definition, “the most advanced level of knowledge or development in a given area at any given time”.

If the last few months have uncovered many things about which we had impressions, or which we suspected, one of them is that, in a large part of the culture sector, the expression is valid – to the letter – for itself: the State, the Art.

The affliction in which many workers in this sector now live must call upon us to respond, in the first place, to a social problem created by a crisis that no one was counting on. But it cannot hide the evidence that culture has not developed structurally in recent years, and is therefore fragile and vulnerable, and this is mainly due to the fact that the State has not yet understood the difference between paying for a concert and building a stage.

*Legislator of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – Portugal

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