Oriane and the "utopia" of an "earth castle" in Brazil. "We want to live without money" - Plataforma Media

Oriane and the “utopia” of an “earth castle” in Brazil. “We want to live without money”

Oriane Descout is a film director who decided to leave Paris, where she lived, to venture into a self-sustainable lifestyle, in the middle of the forest, in Brazil, where she wants to build an “utopia”

Periphery is, in Brazilian significance, a word with the weight of the difficulty in accessing the conditions that fit the noble neighborhoods of large cities. Oriane Descout, who tried to stay in the suburbs of urban struggles, previously lived in Paris, understood that there is a lot of combat evident in the act of distancing.

In seven years, the reality of the tropical country has driven it more and more to live away from the inequalities of capitalism, but concluded that reality, sooner or later, meets utopia. “Before, we had an idea of ​​utopia outside the world. But the political world in Brazil became more present. There was a coup against President Dilma, who was democratically elected. When we fight for social justice, land reform and public health, political reforms affect our struggles. ”

What Oriane Descout tells TSF is a path of winding roads, molded in “Castelo de Terra”, a documentary about the ideas of self-management, sustainability and self-sufficiency that settled with her in an ecovillage in rural Brazil.

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