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Cabo Delgado: New birth certificates for those who lost everything

Helena Kida

The Mozambican Ministry of Justice will launch a campaign to give new birth certificates to those displaced from the armed conflict in Cabo Delgado, who have lost everything, including documents.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Justice, Helena Kida, referring that the Ministry’s survey has as “base value” of about 300,000 people that the Government intends to cover in the campaign. However, the number “is expected to increase”, given the growing numbers of displaced people, which has now reached 500,000. Helena Kida added that the Government is aware of this reality and is preparing to reach more people in the campaign if necessary.

The campaign will consist in the delivery of birth certificates, with which the victims of the conflict will be able to obtain new identity cards and other documents, namely the Right to Use and Enjoy Land (DUAT). “If you don’t have ID, you can’t access other rights” and the DUAT assignment gains special relevance with the advance of the State’s allocation of land to displaced persons, in places where they can start their lives again, she explained. Helena Kida said that work was underway in collaboration with cooperation partners, in order to send mobile brigades to carry out the campaign.

Armed violence in Cabo Delgado has been going on for three years and is causing a humanitarian crisis with about 2,000 deaths and 500,000 displaced people, without housing or food, mainly concentrated in the area of ​​the provincial capital, Pemba.

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